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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Madar Inamul Hasan (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Your Lab at Korea University. I learned about OpenWetWare from Through a friend and Browsing I came to know about this., and I've joined because I wish to explore more about the Subject and Apply practically in the research..


  • PhD.,(OncoProteogenomics),Department of Chemistry, Korea University,
  • M.Phil.,(Biotechnology),Vinayaga Mission University,
  • MS.,(Bioinformatics), Bharathidasan University,
  • BS.,(Biochemistry), University of Madras,
  • Post M.Sc.,(ADMD) Post M.Sc., Advanced Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics (Sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India. New Delhi)
  • PGDCA., “Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application”, Bharathidasan University.
  • DMLT., “Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology“,IMLTC,New Delhi, India.
  • DFE., “Diploma in Fundamental English”,BPR-Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, India.
  • CMPC., “Certificate in Medicinal Plant Cultivation“.Adiparasakti Agriculture College, India.
  • CMC., “Certificate in Mushroom Cultivation“.Adiparasakti Agriculture College, Tamilnadu, India.

Research interests

  1. Proteogenomics and Bioinformatics
  2. Cancer Biomarker Discovery and protein Quantification
  3. Computational Mass Spectrometry
  4. Next Generation Sequencing

Research Techniques

1. WetLab/Biotecnology Technique

  • Gene Cloning & Expression of Protein for X-ray crystallization to submit in PDB (Protein Data Bank)
  • Molecular Biology Techniques - PCR,RFLP
  • Genetic Polymorphism Study of the Human Sample or Genetics Variation Studies(SNPs) with PCR
  • Clinical and Molecular Diagnostic of Human Disease (HLA Tissue Typing for Kidney Transplantation)
  • Microbiological techniques

2. Mass Spectrometry Based Technique

  • Cell Lysis
  • FASP- Filter Aided Sample Prep
  • BCA Assay
  • Stage Tip Technique
  • iTRAQ
  • In-Gel Digestion/ Off-Gell Digestion/Fractanation
  • 1D/2D Gel

3. Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

  • Molecular Visualization Software : RasMol, Cn3d, spdbv.
  • Alignment & Editing Tools : BLAST, FASTA, BioEdit
  • Phylogenetic Analysis : Clustal X and Clustal W
  • Packages : Accelrys package.
  • Tools : Gene builder, Genscan,SOPMA, GORIV, PRIMER
  • Metabolomics Tool : Cell Designer.
  • Docking Tool : Hex, Arguslab & AutoDock
  • Structural Databases  : CATH,SCOP,FSSP
  • Gene Prediction  : Expasy tool

4. Computational Mass Spectrometry

  • DataAnalysis - InHouse Softy
  • Database Search - SEQUEST,X!TANDEM,Proteome Discoverer,MS-GF+,Anderomeda
  • Spectrum Viewer - XCalibur,Thermo Scientific
  • iTRAQ - LTQ-iQuant,IDPicker,iTracker
  • Label Free Quantitation
  • Phosphopeptide
  • Matlab for Quantification and Statistical Analysis
  • Cytoscape/GeneGo for Pathway Analysis

Awards and Honours

  1. Vice President/ Secretary of International Society of Computational Biology - RSG - India 2014 - 2015.
  2. Core Member of International Society of Computational Biology - RSG - India and PRO.
  3. International Graduate Student Scholarship, Korea University, 2012
  4. Brain Korea 21 (BK-21) Research Doctoral Student Fellowship, Govt. Republic of Korea 2013 - present.
  5. Received Dr.Rohini Billiyappa’s Prize for Best proficiency in Sports and Studies.
  6. Cleared DBT National Level Examination (Govt. of India, New Delhi) for Post M.Sc ADMD and Stipend awarded (Aug 2009-2010).
  7. Won Various Prizes in National and State Seminar/Conferences from 2004. won 1st Prize in Kongu Engineering College, Erode held on 26.02.2009
  8. Invited Speaker at various Institute and organization on Myocardial Infarction Due to Atherosclerosis and Cancer. One among those is listed below


Refresher and Research Course for University Faculty(As Asst.Prof)

  • Short Term Training Course for College Teachers, Teaching Undergraduate Students of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Organized by Frontier Lifeline and Dr. K.M. Cherian Heart Foundation, International Centre for Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Diseases Chennai ,17th – 31st December 2009

Teaching Experience

  • Senior Research Assistant & project guide in the Department of Bioinformatics at iPro Technologies.
  • Guest Lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry, School of Life Science,Bharathidasan University.
  • Asst. Prof in Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Bishop Heber College(Autonomous).


  • 2004 Participated in State level Seminar on “Molecular Diagnosis In Microbiology “Held at Prof.Danapalan College,Chennai,19th Aug.
  • 2006 Participated in the National Seminar on Frontier areas in Biological Research held at Bishop Heber College, TN, India on 20th and 21st February.
  • 2006 Participated in the UGC sponsored State level seminar on Emerging Trends in Chemistry (SLSETC-2006), on 9th March.
  • 2006 Participated in workshop on the demonstration of the software “Accelrys” held at Bharathidasan University,India on 20th march.
  • 2006 Participated in INTENSIFED PULSE POLIO IMMUNISATION PROGRAMME (IPP-IP) Vellore HUD, Held at Lakshmipuram Health Post and Conducted by Vellore Municipality, TN, India on 09.04.2006 and 21.05.2006.
  • 2006 Participated in the Malaria Orientation Programme held at Dept. of Public Health and Preventive. Medicine, Vellore, TN, India division during.
  • 2006 Participated and undergone Laboratory Training in revised National Tuberculosis Programme Held at District TB Center Vellore, TN, India during.
  • 2009 Participated in Seminar on “Ahimsa and animal alternatives-The implications nd benefits of teaching humane science” conducted by MGDC held at Bharathidasan University,Trichy.
  • 2009 Secured First place in poster entitled, “Probiotics” in the National level students Technical Symposium Syllogic held at Kongu Engineering college,Erode.
  • 2009 Participated in National Workshop on “Patent Information” held at Bharathidasan University,Trichy.
  • 2009 Partcipated and Presented a poster entitled “Mass Cultivation of Beneficial Fungi” in State Level Seminar On Scope Of Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture organized by NFMC, Bharathidasan University,Trichy.
  • 2009 Participated in “Technical Symposium, Optima ’09”, organized by Operations Research & Computer Applications Association,National Institute of Technology,Trichy.
  • 2011 WasteSafe 2nd International Conference on Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries, WasteSafe 2011, 13-15 February 2011 Bangladesh.On Title “Biological Solid Waste Treatment Authors Sirajuddin.M.Horaginamani,A. Royal Edward Williams, M. Ravichandran and Inamul Hasan.Madar
  • 2011 “The 9th FPC Symposium on ‘Multi-Omics’”in KIST.Seoul South Korea on Nov 15.
  • 2012” The RINS Symposium on Natural Science” in Korea University,Seoul on Sep 21.


  1. Member in International Society for Computational Biology. (Membership Valid until : 03/15/2016)
  2. Member in ISCB - Regional Student Group - India (Core member and Active since 2009)
  3. Member in Korean Society of Mass Spectrometry (KSMS) (한국질량분석학회).Since 2011
  4. Member in South African Association of Mass Spectrometry(SAAMS).Since 2012
  5. Member in Indonesian Protein Society (IPS). Since April 2013.
  6. Member in The European Atherosclerosis Socitey, Sweden.Membership No: 1009. Since 2008
  7. Member in International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT). iHUB, Singapore 609431. Member No:80337544
  8. Member in European Compliance Academy Rapid Microbiological Method working group.
  9. Member in Biotechnology Ireland : Enterprise Ireland Since 2014
  10. Member in Europen Federation of Biotechnology
  11. Member in Bioinformatics-India | Hub for Bioinformatics Professionals of Indian Origin.
  12. Member in Bio Byte is a Nationwide Bioinformatics Resource Dataset
  13. Member in KOREA Science-The Gateway to S&T Information in Korea since 2010oct06
  14. Member in European Federation of Biotechnology. since 2010 Oct 14
  15. Member in Vaatsalya Clinical Trails. Since 26/06/2007
  16. Member in BioClue
  17. Member in Barcoding Of Life Data System (BOLD)
  18. User in Bioinformatics (HUSAR, W180) at the German Cancer Research Center




Gaseous Ion chemistry Laboratory(MS-Proteomics),

Department of Chemistry,

Korea University,

Seoul,South Korea.

| Dr.Hans-Uwe Dahms, Ph.D., D.Sc.


Green Life Science Department,

College of Convergence,

Sangmyung University,

Room ZC201(103),7 Hongji-Dong,Jongno-Gu,

Seoul,Korea 110-743

E Mail :

& Professor

KMU - Kaohsiung Medical University

Dept. of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology,

No. 100, Shin-Chuan 1st Road,


Taiwan R.O.C.

Tel.: 886-(0)7-321-1101 ext. 2695

| Dr.R.S.Qalid Fareed,

Department of Electrical Engineering,

University of South Carolina,

Columbia, South Carolina


| Dr.Supawadee Chullasorn,

Department of Biology,

Faculty of Science, Ramkhamhaeng University,

Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240


Tel: (662) 310 8394, (662) 277 5015 Fax: (662) 310 8418, (662) 693 1828


| Dr.M.S.Mohammed Jabir,

Asso.Prof of Biotechnology,

National College (Autonomous),Trichy.

E Mail :,,,

| Dr. S. Sivaramakrishnan,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Biotechnology,

Bharathidasan University,

Tiruchirappalli-620024, Tamil Nadu, India




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