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Marko Dolinar

I am at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Biochemistry Chair. Before joining the Faculty (in 2001), I was research associate at the Jozef Stefan Institute where my research was focused on cysteine proteinases (mainly cathepsins L, H). As part-timer at the JSI from 2001-2006, I continued my work on cathepsins but spent much of my time organizing research conferences on proteinases and their inhibitors.

Currently, I am involved in development of recombinant humanized antibodies against prion protein (this is collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia) and in a molecular biotechnology project on properties of linkers in fusion proteins. In 2006 and 2007 I was co-supervisor of the Slovenian iGEM teams. We won the Grand Prize in 2006 [1] and were finalists and winners in the Medicine and health track in 2007 [2].