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<h2 style="color: #AAAAAA">'''About Me'''</h2>
<h2 style="color: #AAAAAA">'''About Me'''</h2>
I am in my third year of study at Harvard University. I am orienting my education around cell to cell, and cell to nanowire interactions..
Some of my other interests include doing labwork.
<h2 style="color: #AAAAAA">'''Publications and Posters'''</h2>
<h2 style="color: #AAAAAA">'''Publications and Posters'''</h2>

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Lucien Weiss

  • Chemistry
  • Penn State Undergraduate 2005-2007
  • Harvard Undergraduate 2008-2010
  • Stanford Graduate Student 2010-
  • Email fromlab AT Gmail DOT Com
  • Phone (814) 880 5909

About Me

Publications and Posters

  • Posters
IBE Poster
Synthesis of a Molecular Switch


  • Graduate Student Moerner Group, Chemistry: Stanford U
  • Undergraduate Researcher Lieber Group, Chemistry: Harvard U
  • Undergraduate Researcher iGEM, Penn State U
  • REU Student Nealey Group, U Wisconsin at Madison
  • Undergraduate Researcher Tien Group, Biochemistry: Penn State U
  • Undergraduate Researcher Hancock Group, Bioengineering: Penn State U
  • Undergraduate Representative Institute of Biological Engineering 2007