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First Day on Site

Today we went to your plot of land that is located in the community garden of AU. There is a birds eye drawing of the area with descriptive labels of all factors we could observe. I plan on posting the picture in the upcoming days.

The temperature was chilly. Probably 40 degrees F and was the type of air that is cold to the bone. All plants were either dead or slowly receding as if as if to get away from the chill. No animals in sight. We spotted bunny poop about 15 feet away from our target area which could imply that there are some critters coming in and out of the gated garden. Some Biotic factors: --> wood chips --> plants -->Worms and Critters -->Soil w/ nutrients -->dried roots and lettuce like plants -->Possible bunnies or squirrels in the area as well contributing to the ecosystem

Some Abiotic factors: -->Structural wood creating bins for plants -->Rocks -->Sun (a strong presence in the area) -->mesh wire (leftover to keep animals out) -->Plastic plant labels -->paint on the wooden structures to hold the plants in