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Contact information

  • Email:
  • Office: 12-113
  • Office hours: By appointment

Writing instructor for 20.109. Lecturer II in the Writing Across the Curriculum program at MIT, and Executive Director of the Cell Decision Process Center, an NIH Center of Excellence in Systems Biology.

Background and Education

  • 2001, PhD (Biology), MIT
  • 1992, BA (English), Stanford

Prior to coming to MIT's WAC program in 2005, I was a scientific editor who commissioned and edited biology college-level text and articles for the web. I currently teach primarily in the Biology department, and my scholarly research focuses on how students develop scientific communication skills through discussion leading.


Note: many of the resources can fit in other categories. For example, the principles of storytelling apply to both writing and presentations.


Oral presentation

  • Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte
  • TED: excellent examples of different presentation styles

Visualization & Design

General inspiration