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* [[Media:20.109_SP12_LARwkshp2.pdf‎ | 20.109 SP12 Building the Results]]
* [[Media:20.109_SP12_LARwkshp2.pdf‎ | 20.109 SP12 Building the Results]]
* [[Media:20.109wkshp1_FA12.pdf | 20.109 FA12 Illustrations]]
* [[Media:20.109wkshp1_FA12.pdf | 20.109 FA12 Illustrations]]
* [[Media:20.109wkshp2_FA12_total.pdf | 20.109 FA12 Scientific Writing]]
* [[Media:20.109_SP13_Roldan.pdf | 20.109 SP13 Scientific Writing]]

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Contact information

  • Email: lroldan@mit.edu
  • Office: 12-113
  • Office hours: By appointment

Writing instructor for 20.109. Lecturer II in the Writing Across the Curriculum program at MIT.

Background and Education

  • 2001, PhD (Biology), MIT
  • 1992, BA (English), Stanford

Prior to coming to MIT's WAC program in 2005, I was a scientific editor who commissioned and edited biology college-level text and articles for the web, and more recently Executive Director of the Cell Decision Process Center, an NIH Center of Excellence in Systems Biology. I currently teach primarily in the Biology department; my scholarly research focuses on how students develop scientific communication skills through discussion leading.



Note: many of the resources can fit in other categories. For example, the principles of storytelling apply to both writing and presentations.


Oral presentation

  • Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte
  • TED: excellent examples of different presentation styles

Visualization & Design

General inspiration