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Contact Info

Laura A. Miller (an artistic interpretation)
  • Laura A. Miller
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • CB 3250 Phillips Hall
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

I work in the Math Physiology Lab at the University of North Carolina. I learned about OpenWetWare from Google search for electronic lab notebook, and I've joined because I am looking for an easy to use electronic lab notebook system for my group at UNC. For more information, my lab website is


  • 2004, PhD, Courant Institute, New York University
  • 1999, MS, Duke University
  • 1995, BA, University of Chicago

Research interests

  1. Biomechanics
  2. Mathematical Biology
  3. Fluid Dynamics

Representative Publications

  1. Miller LA and Peskin CS. When vortices stick: an aerodynamic transition in tiny insect flight. J Exp Biol. 2004 Aug;207(Pt 17):3073-88. DOI:10.1242/jeb.01138 | PubMed ID:15277562 | HubMed [Paper1]
  2. Miller LA, Santhanakrishnan A, Jones S, Hamlet C, Mertens K, and Zhu L. Reconfiguration and the reduction of vortex-induced vibrations in broad leaves. J Exp Biol. 2012 Aug 1;215(Pt 15):2716-27. DOI:10.1242/jeb.064501 | PubMed ID:22786650 | HubMed [Paper2]
  3. Santhanakrishnan A, Dollinger M, Hamlet CL, Colin SP, and Miller LA. Flow structure and transport characteristics of feeding and exchange currents generated by upside-down Cassiopea jellyfish. J Exp Biol. 2012 Jul 15;215(Pt 14):2369-81. DOI:10.1242/jeb.053744 | PubMed ID:22723475 | HubMed [Paper3]
  4. Santhanakrishnan A, Nguyen N, Cox JG, and Miller LA. Flow within models of the vertebrate embryonic heart. J Theor Biol. 2009 Aug 7;259(3):449-61. DOI:10.1016/j.jtbi.2009.04.020 | PubMed ID:19410580 | HubMed [Paper4]
  5. Miller LA and Peskin CS. Flexible clap and fling in tiny insect flight. J Exp Biol. 2009 Oct 1;212(19):3076-90. DOI:10.1242/jeb.028662 | PubMed ID:19749100 | HubMed [Paper5]
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