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Lawrence Wilson Gray

Graduate Research Assistant Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Contact Info

Email: grayl AT OHSU dot edu

Thesis Projects

1. Copper dependent regulation of copper-transporting Atpases 2. Identification and characterization of the small molecular weight copper binding component of human urine


Undergraduate Institutions:

 Louisiana College                          Sep 1997 - Dec 1999
 Univ Maryland Baltimore Co                 Jan 2000 - Jun 2000
 Fullerton College                          Jun 2001 - Aug 2001
 Caifornia State University, Fullerton      Aug 2001 - Jun 2005

Graduate Institution:

 Oregon Health & Science University         Sep 2005 - Present


Gray LW, Kidane TZ, Nguyen A, Akagi S, Petrasek K, Chu Y, Pham TH, Cabrera A, Kantardjieff K, Mason AZ and Linder MC. Multiple copper proteins and Ferro-oxidases in mouse and human plasma. Submitted April 2007

Research Interests

  1. Metal Metabolism