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(Week 2)
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# http://campusapps.fullerton.edu/news/research/2004/linder.html
# http://campusapps.fullerton.edu/news/research/2004/linder.html
# http://campusapps.fullerton.edu/news/research/2004/print/216_csu_research.html
# http://campusapps.fullerton.edu/news/research/2004/print/216_csu_research.html
====Week 2====
--[[User:LarryGray|LarryGray]] 23:52, 6 April 2007 (EDT)
''Lopes et al''
Question 1:  Maureen, Mahti, or Chris.  Could you clarify what the author means by 'in trans' in the quote below and how this would suggest that only one replic. apparatus is being affected? Page 16, 20th line from bottom of right colum
"the two ssDNA regions were distributed in trans, suggesting that UV lesions specifically affect
only one of the two replication apparatuses (either both leading or both lagging strands)."
Question 2:  More clarification needed.  How can the authors conclude from the observation that the distribution of internal gaps along replicated duplexes mirrored the length distribution of replicated strands suggests that discontinuities left randomaly behind the fork are not immediately sealed after the passage of the replication fork?  Page 18, last line of left colum.

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Lawrence Wilson Gray

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Contact Info

Email: grayl AT OHSU dot edu

Thesis Projects

  1. Copper dependent regulation of copper-transporting Atpases
  2. Identification and characterization of the small molecular weight copper binding component of human urine


Undergraduate Institutions:

 Louisiana College                          Sep 1997 - Dec 1999
 Univ Maryland Baltimore Co                 Jan 2000 - Jun 2000
 Fullerton College                          Jun 2001 - Aug 2001
 Caifornia State University, Fullerton      Aug 2001 - Jun 2005

Graduate Institution:

 Oregon Health & Science University         Sep 2005 - Present


  1. Gray LW, Kidane TZ, Nguyen A, Akagi S, Petrasek K, Chu Y, Pham TH, Cabrera A, Kantardjieff K, Mason AZ and Linder MC. Multiple copper proteins and Ferro-oxidases in mouse and human plasma. Submitted April 2007

Research Interests

  1. Metal Metabolism
  2. Development of Therapeutics for Cholangiolar carcinoma
  3. Development of Diagnostic Assays for Copper Related diseases
  4. Inflammation

Some Articles about me:

  1. http://campusapps.fullerton.edu/news/2005/2_marc.html
  2. http://campusapps.fullerton.edu/news/research/2004/linder.html
  3. http://campusapps.fullerton.edu/news/research/2004/print/216_csu_research.html