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Krystalle examining nature at the windy Château des Baux.

Contact Info

I am an undergraduate researcher working in SWES-MEL, Dr. Virginia Rich's microbial ecology lab at the University of Arizona. I began working in the lab May 2013, and continued working on proteomics research in Fall 2014 with an Honors College internship.


  • 2015, Bachelor's of Science in Environmental Science, University of Arizona

Research interests

  1. Microbial ecology
  2. Microbial carbon sequestration and methanogenic activity
  3. Soil proteomics

About Me

I began working in Dr. Rich's lab as a way to decide what my major focus in Environmental Science would be. I joined the lab in May 2013, and that summer's work turned into an Honors project for the fall. During this time I worked on method optimization for proteomic analyses of our Arctic samples, comparing algorithms for the amount of proteins identified per sample, and their relevance. For this work I received the American Society of Microbiology's Undegraduate Research Capstone to fund attendance and travel to their 2014 conference in May. I will attend the conference after returning from a semester in France, during which I explored the south of France and northern Italy.



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