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Kristian Ullrich

Contact Info


Research interests

plant genetics

  • phytohormone signaling
  • natural variation
  • population genomics

software development

  • Image processing


International peer-reviewed papers

[5] Optimized probe masking for comparative transcriptomics of closely related species. (Pöschl Y, Delker C, Trenner J, Ullrich KK, Quint M, Grosse I) Plos ONE 2013 Nov 08.

[4] Toward a comprehensive phylogenetic reconstruction of the evolutionary history of mitogen-activated protein kinases in the plant kingdom. (Janitza P, Ullrich KK, Quint M) frontiers in PLANT SCIENCE 2012 Dec 06.

[3] A transcriptomic hourglass in plant embryogenesis. (Quint M, Drost H-G, Gabel A, Ullrich KK, Boenn M, Grosse I) Nature 2012 Oct 04.

[2] Molecular Evolution and Selection Patterns of Plant F-box Proteins with C-terminal Kelch Repeats. (Schumann N, Navarro-Quezada AR, Ullrich K, Kuhl C and Quint M) Plant Physiology 2011 Feb.

[1] Natural Variation of Transcriptional Auxin Response Networks in Arabidopsis thaliana. (Delker C, Pöschl Y, Raschke A, Ullrich K, Ettingshausen S, Hauptmann V, Grosse I, Quint M) Plant Cell. 2010 Jul 09.


Ullrich KK 2013. Population and quantitative genetic analysis of auxin response pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana. PhD Thesis, University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. PDF

Ullrich KK 2009. Klonierung Organ-spezifischer Gene aus der Kartoffel und Untersuchung ihres Potentials zur Erzeugung gentechniser Pathogen-Resistenz. Diploma Thesis, Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany. 107pp.

Conference Participation

2014 PAG: Plant and Animal Genome XXII Conference, San Diego, CA, USA (Talk)

2013 MOSS: The 16th Annual Moss International Conference, Praha, Czech Republic (Talk)

2013 PAG: Plant and Animal Genome XXI Conference, San Diego, CA, USA (Paticipant)

2012 Meeting on Advances and Challenges of RNA-Seq Analysis, Halle (Saale), Germany (Paticipant)

2012 Workshop of Molecular Evolution, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (Paticipant)

2011 Botanikertagung, Berlin, Germany (Poster)

2011 Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen, Dabringhausen, Germany (Poster)

Teaching Experience

(Co-)Supervision of Masters and Bachelor theses as well as student projects

Participation in courses on teaching methods

Courses (co-)taught

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