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(Contact Info)
(Contact Info)
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*Kristian Ullrich
*Kristian Ullrich
*[http://http://www.labutils.de www.labutils.de]
*[http://http://www.labutils.de www.labutils.de]
*[[Special:Emailuser/Kristian Ullrich|Email me through OpenWetWare]] or through [Kristian.Ullrich@biologie.uni-marburg.de Kristian.Ullrich@biologie.uni-marburg.de]
*[[Special:Emailuser/Kristian Ullrich|Email me through OpenWetWare]] or through Kristian.Ullrich@biologie.uni-marburg.de

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Kristian Ullrich

Contact Info


Research interests

plant genetics

  • phytohormone signaling
  • natural variation
  • population genomics

software development

  • Image processing


  • A transcriptomic hourglass in plant embryogenesis. (Quint M, Drost H-G, Gabel A, Ullrich KK, Boenn M, Grosse I)Nature 2012 Oct 04.
  • Natural Variation of Transcriptional Auxin Response Networks in Arabidopsis thaliana. (Delker C, Pöschl Y, Raschke A, Ullrich K, Ettingshausen S, Hauptmann V, Grosse I, Quint M)Plant Cell. 2010 Jul 9.
  • Molecular Evolution and Selection Patterns of Plant F-box Proteins with C-terminal Kelch Repeats. (Schumann N, Navarro-Quezada AR, Ullrich K, Kuhl C and Quint M)Plant Physiology Preview 2010 Nov 30.

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