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  1. Remake films with phenol at correct ratios
  2. purify quaternary ammonium and NMR


Calculations for 10% phenol film and 10% phenol stock solution

  • 1.373E22 OH groups in 1 gram of pooh × 0.1= 1.373E21
  • 1.373E21 ÷ 6.022E23 × 94.124 g/mol= 0.214 grams
  • Make film1 with .214grams of phenol 10ml of water and 1 ml of gluataraldehyde and 1 gram of pooh
  • Make a stock solution of 10ml of water and .214 grams of phenol= 21.4 Molar of phenol = 10% reacts with OH groups on PVOH
    • Dilute from this solution to make 1%, 0.1% and 0.01% solution using m1v1=m2v2 equation
    • film 2-1%: 1ml of stock add to film with 10ml water, 1 gram of pva, 1ml of glutaraldehyde
    • film 3-.1%: .1ml of stock add to film with 10ml water, 1 gram of pva, 1 ml of glutaraldehyde
    • film 4-.01%: .01ml of stock add to film with 10 ml water, 1 gram of pay, 1 ml of glutaraldyde
  • stirred all contents of film on heat under fume hood to have them dissolve and this poured them into their respective dish
  • mass of phenol was weighed under fume hood toxic