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[[image:Kim de mora Emails.jpg ]]
[[image:Kim de mora Emails.jpg ]]
'''Yeast images'''
[[Image:8-Bit_Copy_of_test1_w1DIC_to_camera.tif|500px|thumb|left| Good yeast]]
Bad yeast [[Image:8-Bit_Copy_of_DIC_Camera_-_exploding_cells.tif|500px|thumb|left| Bad yeast]]

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Kim de Mora

Undergrad: Master of Mechanical Engineering and Management from the University of Edinburgh

PhD: Yeast Synthetic Biology at the University of Edinburgh

Me and jelena1.jpg

Synthetic Biology work

Member of the Edinburgh iGEM 2006 team

See out wiki here

See our talk on Google videos

Advisor to the Edinburgh 2007 iGEM team

iGEM 2007 jamboree volunteer

Graduate work

The first year of my PhD was spent learning more about synthetic biology in Chris Frenchs Lab in Edinburgh. I am currently working in Pam Silvers lab in the department of systems biology at Harvard.


Kim de mora Emails.jpg

Yeast images

File:8-Bit Copy of test1 w1DIC to camera.tif

Bad yeast File:8-Bit Copy of DIC Camera - exploding cells.tif