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  • Measure silver conductivity in solution with 50mL of pure water and clay+polymer film without the presence of silver


  • Laponite Clay mixed in polymer made on 03/06/13 were taken out of mold.
  • With scissors, three round shaped film were cut, with each weighing 0.5g, 0.5g, and 0.49g, respectively.
  • In three 200mL polypropylene beakers, 50mL of pure water was poured in each beaker. One of each cut-out film was placed in each beaker.
  • In another 200mL polypropylene beaker, 50mL of pure water was poured in. This functions as a negative control.
  • In all four beakers, 1mL of 5M KNO3 was placed in each beaker as ionic silver adjustor.
  • The conductivity of solution was taken for every 30 minutes for 2hours. One more measurement will be taken the next day after 24 hours.
  • 10 weight percent silver to clay and polymer film was made. See Melissa's Notebook for detailed procedure regarding the making of film.


  • Table below lists the measured silver conductivity in negative control, and the three beakers that include clay+polymer film.