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  • Clean up bacteria cells from last week.
  • Autoclave LB for future use.


  • Bacteria cells were taken from orbital shaker. In each flask containing cells, 4-5 drops of 1M Wescodyne was added. The flasks were gently swirled to mix.
  • Flasks were left sitting for 4-5 minutes. Liquid in flasks were then poured into Silver Nitrate waste bottle located in Beeghly 207 under fume hood.
  • Flasks were cleaned and dried.
  • 16 Erlenmeyer flasks, each containing 50mL autoclaved LB, were needed for future studies:
  1 flask for negative control (cells only)
  1 flask for negative control (none)
  3 flasks for 50mL AgNO3 with cells
  3 flasks for 25mL AgNO3 with cells
  3 flasks for 75mL AgNO3 with cells
  1 flask for 50mL AgNO3 alone
  1 flask for 25mL AgNO3 alone
  1 flask for 75mL AgNO3 alone
  1 flask for 10mL AgNO3 alone
  1 flask for 100mL AgNO3 alone
  • 12.5g of LB media were weighted out and placed in each 250mL Erlenmeyer flask, and mixed with 50mL sterile water.
  • All flasks were autoclaved under liquid cycle.