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  • To run PCR product on agarose gel for gel electrophoresis
  • Digest methylated DNA in PCR plasmid with DNP1
  • Determine gold concentration in supernatant of Au/BSA solutions


  • PCR product for mutation E28K were taken out of thermal controller. 5uL of PCR plasmid were transferred into a separate microcentrifuge tube and is mixed with 1uL of 6X gel loading dye blue from New England bioLabs. 45uL of plasmid were mixed with 1uL of DNP1 and placed on heat block for 1 hour at 37°C.
  • 1.23g of agarose mixed with 35mL of 1X TAE buffer and microwaved for 45 seconds
  • Agarose with TAE buffer were poured into Gel electrophoresis and solidified after 10 minutes. 1X TAE buffer was poured into gel electrophoresis container.
  • DNA ladder is made by mixing 5uL DNA ladder with 1uL of 6X gel loading dye blue. Plasmids with different ADA mutations were loaded in gel in the following order:
                            DNA ladder --> E34K --> E34A --> E34A --> K110A --> K110A --> E34K
  • Gel electrophoresis was run at 85 volts for 1 hour.
  • Gel was stained and washed in TAE buffer with ethidium bromide.
  • Gel was observed under UV lamp to see if PCR product has been successfully produced.
  • Au/BSA solutions were taken out of incubator. Lids from test tubes and aluminol were taken away from test tubes. The test tubes containing fibers were centrifuged under 7°C for the following conditions:
               2000rpm for 5 min, 2000rpm for 10 min, 2500rpm for 5 min, 3000rpm for 10 minutes, 3700rpm for 15 minutes.


  • Top of the PCR tubes forms water droplets. The PCR tube containing E34K mutation were centrifuged in minicentrifuge from Thomas Scientific for 1 minute to gather all PCR products together.
  • The addition of 1uL of DNP1 enzyme into 45uL plasmid is to digest the methylated DNA from PCR product to make sure all products in solution contain DNA strand produces after PCR.
  • Au/BSA solution with some ratios contain heavy fibers floating on top of solution. The solution were centrifuged to separate the fibers from the solutions. Due to unknown speed and time should be used to separate fibers from solutions, different speed and time were performed for successful fiber pellet formation.