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  • Check if newly made sample on 2012/09/05 has reacted after 4 hours in the incubator at 85°C
  • Measure UV absorbance on samples that were diluted in Tris buffer in different concentration and pH


  • New sets of samples were made with a different sets of calculations..(add calculations). Two samples, one at 120 Au/BSA and another at 60 Au/BSA were made with stock solutions. The two samples were placed in incubator for an hour to check for possible reaction.
  • UV absorbance were taken from samples that were mixed with Tris buffer from 2012/09/05. Sample at the ratio 134, 136, 138, 140, 160, 170 Au to BSA were centrifuged at 4000rpm, 7°C, for 5 minutes to ensure separation of supernatant and pallet. 500uL of each supernatant were used in each quartz cuvette. Each sample were run from 800nm to 200nm. The graph Absorbance versus Wavelength were plotted and shown in Melissa's Notebook.
  • Checking the sample after an hour...


  • Sets of sample of Au/BSA with different ratios appeared gold in color after four hours in incubation. This indicates HAuCl4 has failed to react with BSA in solution.
  • Au/BSA solutions mixed in tris buffer had a pellet at the bottom of the 50mL falcon tube, supernatent were carefully taken. For some samples the pellets were disturbed when transferring. To obtain pure supernatent, the falcon tubes were centrifuged.