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* The absorbance of each sample...
* The absorbance of each sample were taken by UV-vis spectrophotometer. Graph were made with absorbance versus wavelength. See [[Dhea Patel/Notebook/Experimental Biological Chemistry Notebook/2012/09/04|Dhea Patel's Lab Notebook on 2012/09/04]] for details.

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  • To run UV-Vis analysis on Au/BSA solutions at various ratios.
  • To remake solutions that did not give expected results.
  • To make Tris Buffer at 100mM at pH 8.0 and 10.0



  • The original sets of solutions did not form nano-particles, solutions appeared yellow in color. It was predicted that the HAuCl4 reacted with gold specula during the transfer.
  • A new set of solutions with different Au/BSA ratios were made beforehand at the same ratio and concentrations. For details of the concentrations, see entry from 2012/08/29
  • The new set of solutions with different ratios of Au and BSA appeared purpose in color. The 60 Au/BSA solution appeared cloudy and white. The 80 Au/BSA solution appeared as a purpose homogenous solution. The Au/BSA solution with other ratios are transparent with purpose fiber formations.