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== Bio ==
==Education/Work Experience==
*Postdoc in the [http://web.mit.edu/biology/sauerlab/ Sauer Lab] at [http://web.mit.edu/ MIT]
*Postdoc in the [http://web.mit.edu/biology/sauerlab/ Sauer Lab] at [http://web.mit.edu/ MIT]

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Education/Work Experience

  • B.S. in Psychology, University of Maryland College Park, 1996

Science stuff I know something about...

  • in vitro RNA techniques
  • in vitro selection and evolution of nucleic acids
  • generation of nucleic acid and protein libraries
  • nucleic acid-protein interactions
  • fishing experiments to look for things that interact with your RNA/DNA/protein of interest
  • PCR (even colony PCR, although it is not a separate skill)
  • bacterial protein expression/purification
  • in vivo assays with E. coli i.e. analyzing effects on proteins/RNA
  • molecular cloning
  • Western/Northern/Southern blot analysis
  • oligonucleotide synthesis
  • RNA/DNA sequencing
  • structural probing of RNA/DNA
  • gels, all kinds of gels: agarose, native acrylamide, denaturing acrylamide, SDS-acrylamide, two-dimensional
  • enzyme kinetics
  • radiolabeling nucleic acids and proteins
  • tmRNA (or SsrA/10Sa RNA for you purists)
  • translation
  • energy-dependent proteolysis in bacteria
  • The RNA World
  • T7 RNA polymerase promoter preferences in vitro
  • molecular biology in a world without kits


  • My new favorite website detailing an alternative theory to evolution (WWFSMD?).
  • Lab-related pet peeves (partial list...)
    • beeping timers
    • people from other labs that come in asking for something and don't introduce themselves first (is it so hard to say,"Hi, I'm <insert name here> from the <insert PI name here> lab"??)
  • I have the messiest bench (and desk) in the lab. Paradoxically, I am a tyrant about cleanliness in common lab areas.
  • KM's soapbox

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