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#REDIRECT [[Kathleen McGinness]]
==Education/Work Experience==
*Postdoc in the [http://web.mit.edu/biology/sauerlab/ Sauer Lab] at [http://web.mit.edu/ MIT]
*Ph.D. in Chemistry, [http://www.scripps.edu/e_index.html The Scripps Research Institute], 2001 (with [http://www.scripps.edu/mb/joyce/joycelab.html Gerald Joyce])
*B.S. in Chemistry, [http://www.umd.edu University of Maryland College Park], 1996
*B.S. in Psychology, University of Maryland College Park, 1996
== Science stuff I know something about... ==
*''in vitro'' RNA techniques
*''in vitro'' selection and evolution of nucleic acids
*generation of nucleic acid and protein libraries
*nucleic acid-protein interactions
*fishing experiments to look for things that interact with your RNA/DNA/protein of interest
*PCR (even colony PCR, although it is '''not''' a separate skill)
*bacterial protein expression/purification
*''in vivo'' assays with ''E. coli'' i.e. analyzing effects on proteins/RNA
*molecular cloning
*Western/Northern/Southern blot analysis
*oligonucleotide synthesis
*RNA/DNA sequencing
*structural probing of RNA/DNA
*gels, all kinds of gels: agarose, native acrylamide,  denaturing acrylamide, SDS-acrylamide, two-dimensional
*enzyme kinetics
*radiolabeling nucleic acids and proteins
*tmRNA (or SsrA/10Sa RNA for you purists)
*energy-dependent proteolysis in bacteria
*The RNA World
*T7 RNA polymerase promoter preferences ''in vitro''
*molecular biology in a world without kits
I'm a fourth (at least!) generation Marylander who grew up in the happy Washington, D.C. suburb of Derwood. I began my college career majoring in Biology at [http://www.psu.edu/ Penn State], but after realizing that the bustling metropolis of State College was not for me, I transferred to the University of Maryland. When I started at Maryland, I realized that although I support the need for animal research, I don't have the stomach for it. So, I decided to change my major to Chemistry, and threw in a major in Psychology for good measure. While at Maryland, I had the opportunity to work in the Laboratory of Neurochemistry and the Laboratory of General and Comparative Biochemistry at [http://www.nimh.nih.gov/ NIMH] (yes, where the rats are from).  I also got my first introduction into the RNA world by working in [http://biophysics.jhu.edu/faculty-pages/woodson.html Sarah Woodson's lab] while she was at Maryland. After four years (yes, that makes it a 5 year plan for college!), I packed up my worldly possessions and headed to sunny So. Cal. to do my graduate work at Scripps with Jerry Joyce, solidifying my love of the RNA world. Much like [[user:skosuri|Sr]]i, I fell in love with CA. So, after completing my Ph.D. in chemistry (biochemistry, really), I returned to the east coast to work at MIT. In Bob Sauer's lab I have expanded my science into the protein world, but I'm still an RNA girl at heart. When I get the time, I'll put up some of my current research here.
===Random Stuff===
*My new favorite website detailing an alternative theory to evolution ([http://www.venganza.org/ WWFSMD?]).
*Lab-related pet peeves (partial list...)
**beeping timers
**people from other labs that come in asking for something and don't introduce themselves first (is it so hard to say,"Hi, I'm <insert name here> from the <insert PI name here> lab"??)
*I have the messiest bench (and desk) in the lab. Paradoxically, I am a tyrant about cleanliness in common lab areas.
*[[KM's soapbox]]
[[Sauer Lab| Back to the Sauer lab]]

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