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  • DNASTAR ChIP seq data analysis: SeqMan Pro

SeqMan workflow

  1. Open SeqMan NGen
  2. In the Welcome window, select Import BAM file, click [Next >]
  3. BAM Import = Align BAM layout file
  4. Set Up Project Files: Project name = some name; Project folder = SeqMan NGen Projects (desktop); Temporary file location = SeqMan NGen Projects (desktop)

View Results

  1. Open SeqMan Pro
  2. Two windows appear: (1) Report, (2) filename.assembly
  3. Double click on one of the alignments in filename.assembly (e.g., NC_000001(1>249240538) NC_000001), to open "Alignment of ..." window
  4. Select Contig > Strategy View to view the enrichment histogram