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  1. Clean, filter, and separate out the oil from the previously prepared microspheres on 2/22/13

Microspheres: Separation & Vacuum Filtration Procedures

Setup of a vacuum filtration system:

  * Clean 250mL Erlenmeyer Filter Flask
  * Large Buchner Funnel
  * Whatman #42 Filter Paper
  * Long Secure Rubber Hose
  1. Take a microsphere sample out of its container using a pair of tweezers
  2. Place a piece of filter paper into the Buchner funnel, then filter the microsphere using the vacuum filtration system setup
  3. Attach all parts of the apparatus to the vacuum filtrator system
  4. Place a piece of Whatman #42 filter paper in the Buchner Funnel
  5. Turn on the vacuum filtrator system
  6. Check the suction rate to ensure that enough pressure is applied
  7. Place the microsphere sample into the Buchner funnel
  8. Allow the vacuum filtration to continue until the microsphere is completely dry
  9. To continuously remove the oil integrated within the microsphere sample, wash the microspheres with hexanes repeatedly
  10. Once microspheres completely dehydrate, clean with hexanes and place microsphere samples in new small labeled vial
  11. Allow microspheres to dry for ~ 1 day
  12. Wash all glassware and equipment first with H2O and then with acetone for later use


  • Many microsphere samples did not exactly precipitate out into smaller tiny spheres, they remained connected.
  • Also many microspheres samples appeared to be very absorbent and squishy like in touch
  • For many microspheres several portions of hexanes were needed to purify, clean, and remove oil from each sample ~ 25mL (5 portions of 5mL)