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Contact Info

Julia C. Chen (an artistic interpretation)


  • 2010, PhD, Stanford University
  • 2006, MS, Stanford University
  • 2004, BS, University of California, Berkeley

Research interests

  1. bones
  2. mechanotransduction
  3. biomechanics


  1. Chen JC, Zhao B, Longaker MT, Helms JA, and Carter DR. Periosteal biaxial residual strains correlate with bone specific growth rates in chick embryos. Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin. 2008 Oct;11(5):453-61. DOI:10.1080/10255840802129817 | PubMed ID:18608339 | HubMed [Paper1]
  2. Chen JC, Beaupré GS, and Carter DR. An approach to quantifying bone overloading and hypertrophy with applications to multiple experimental studies. Bone. 2010 Feb;46(2):322-9. DOI:10.1016/j.bone.2009.09.030 | PubMed ID:19800044 | HubMed [Paper2]
  3. pmid =
    Important concepts of mechanical regulation of bone formation and growth

    Chen, Julia C; Carter, Dennis R

    Current Opinion in Orthopedics. 16(5):338-345, October 2005.

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