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Hi.. my name is Jade. I am a postdoctoral associate in the Grossman Lab at MIT.


I went to grad school in San Francisco. I worked in the Weissman Lab in UCSF. My graduate work is described here.

Before this, I studied physics at McGill University in Canada.


My research interest is to systematically investigate how cells regulate elongation of DNA replication. Regulation of elongation is a less studied process than regulation of initiation of DNA replication, but it could have significant impact on the maintanence of genomic integrity. By profiling DNA replication in the gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis on a genomic scale, I have characterized a nutrient dependent checkpoint that inhibits the elongation of DNA replication. This elongation control does not appear to require cis-acting DNA elements nor replication roadblocks, but is throughout the chromosome. I plan to investigate the mechanisms and the impact of elongation control on regulating the cell cycle and preventing disruptions of replication. I will combine classical genetics, biochemistry, and global profiling of replication to study replication in a quantitative manner and analyze the results computationally. The experimental methods developed could also be useful to study the regulation of DNA replication in other organisms.