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==Jonny Wells==
==Jonny Wells==
== ''About Me'' ==
I'm Jonny and I'm a second year undergraduate biologist at Imperial College in London, soon to be starting my final year. I almost chose to do a Maths degree, but I'm glad I didn't as I really enjoy my course and I've made some great friends from it. I'm doing this iGEM competition as it sounds like a really exciting opportunity and hopefully will be quite enjoyable as well. Also it has to be better than wasting away the summer at home, although with the amazingly good weather we're having this summer I sometimes wonder if that wouldn't have been to bad an idea. I'm living at home, which is in Windsor, whilst doing the competition, commuting into London every day, however I'm beginning to doubt the wisdom of this plan. It seems the transport system was not designed for anything other than miserable weather...<br>
My hope is that we manage to produce something that actually works and if it has some cool application, then that's a bonus. I must now go practise my pipetting technique, so I'm fully prepared for the next ten weeks.
'''Date of Birth''':
*6th July 1985
*5 A-levels - Maths, Further Maths, Latin, Biology  and Art
*GCSEs - too many for me to be bothered to list
*Playing football, hockey, cricket and fives
*Enjoy watching almost any sport (except those boring american ones)
*Playin the piano and clarinet
*iGEM - obviously
== ''Contact Information:'' ==
== ''Contact Information:'' ==
: 07963541877
:[mailto:jonathan.wells@imperial.ac.uk jonathan.wells.imperial.ac.uk]<br> [mailto:jonnywells@hotmail.co.uk jonnywells@hotmail.co.uk]
:[mailto:jonathan.wells@imperial.ac.uk jonathan.wells.imperial.ac.uk]

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Jonny Wells

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