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==Jon Sack, Ph.D.==
Jon Sack, Ph.D.
Protean Research and the University of California
Protean Research and the University of California
==Research interests==
==Research interests==

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Jon Sack, Ph.D.


Protean Research and the University of California

Research interests

The goal of my research program is to develop inhibitors selective for ion channel subtypes, particularly voltage-gated potassium (Kv) channels, such that researchers may use them to identify channel subunits that generate native currents. Establishing the molecular identity of Kv channels has been a particularly challenging problem: mammalian Kv channels arise from a family of more than 40 genes, and Kv pore-forming subunits can assemble as heterotetramers. Despite substantial and enduring efforts, few modulators of Kv channel activity have been discovered that are highly selective between individual channel subtype. This is perhaps due to a high degree of sequence conservation between subfamily members in the transmembrane segments that are important for function.


  • 2003 PhD, Stanford University, Department of Biological Sciences
  • 1997, BA, Reed College, Major in Biochemistry

Institutional Affiliations


Institute for Design of Intelligent Drugs

Protean Research

941 Roble Ridge

Palo Alto, California 94306

650.384.5792 tel

650.716.5222 fax

jon (at) sack (at) ididrugs (dot) org

Assistant Professional Researcher

Department of Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior

College of Biological Sciences

University of California

196 Briggs Hall

One Shields Avenue

Davis, California 95616

530.752.4131 tel

530.754.6079 fax

jsack (at) ucdavid (dot) edu