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=Lab Organization=
==Lab Meetings==
Thursdays 11:30 - 1:00 pm
==Lab Duties==
Bind 158 (mammalian cell culture) Sabrina
1st floor Warm Room Carmen
pH Meter, balance, sonicator John
Rotovap Sabrina
Cell Culture Incubators Sabrina
Microscopes Sabrina
FlexStation Microplate Reader Sue
Cary 50 UV/VIS Sue
Glassware John
Hardware Catherine
Software Catherine
Lab Task Responsibilities
MSDS Sheets Meghan + Everyone!
CO2 tanks Sabrina
Nitrogen tanks Sue
Autoclaving tips, tubes, pipettes Meghan
Waste                                                      John
(includes regular, sharps, look-alike, hazardous)
==New Members==
=Journal Clubs=
==Neuroengineering Journal Club==
==iGEM Journal Club==
=Physiological Sensing Facility=

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