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===Jeremy Zucker===
===Jeremy Zucker===
I've thought about a few resources for you to check out.
First, the [http://www.co-ode.org/resources/tutorials/ProtegeOWLTutorial.pdf Manchester Pizza tutorial]
just rocks when it comes to understanding how to put together an OWL ontology.  In particular, it clarifies some of the subtle distinctions between object-oriented modeling, relational models,  and description logics, particularly the open-world assumption.
Barry Smith's [http://genomebiology.com/2005/6/5/R46 Relationship ontology] is important for thinking about what kinds of relationships to reuse.  Note that the [http://obo.sourceforge.net OBO] ontologies he refers to use DAG-Edit style ontologies, not OWL-style ontologies.  DAG-Edit has been typically used more for things like generating large hierarchical classification schemes than it has been used for representing database schemas in a generalizable way.  The relationship ontology helps bridge that gap, should you choose to go that route.
However, if you do consider DAG-Edit, as a warning, you should read
[http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v23/n9/full/nbt0905-1095.html this critique of MGED and other Bio-ontologies].

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