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**Positive control: 5 µL of positive control with 30 µL competent cells
**Positive control: 5 µL of positive control with 30 µL competent cells
**Incubate on ice for 20min
**Incubate on ice for 20min
**Heat shock @42C for 30s
**Rest on ice for 2min
**Incubate overnight @37C
== 2006/06/14 ==
== 2006/06/14 ==

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Undergraduate concentrating in Computer Science (class of 2007), member of 2006 Harvard iGem team.



  • Since our e-gel failed, we ligated DNA extract from David and Peng.
    • Mixed 6 µL insert (E0241), 2 µL vector (R0010), 2 µL DNA dilution buffer in reaction vial
    • Added 10 µL ligation buffer
    • Added 1 µL ligase, mixed
    • Let incubate 5min at room temperature
  • Transformation
    • Mixed 20 µL of ligation product with 30 µL competent cells
    • Negative control: 2 µL of dH20 with 30 µL competent cells
    • Positive control: 5 µL of positive control with 30 µL competent cells
    • Incubate on ice for 20min
    • Heat shock @42C for 30s
    • Rest on ice for 2min
    • Incubate overnight @37C


Biobrick tutorial

More detailed procedure notes are in lab notebook.

  • Began with 12 samples (3x each of negative control, R0010, E0241, E7104). Fortunately our negative controls showed no growth overnight.
  • Made 9 minipreps for the remaining samples. Set aside the E7104 samples (they are a positive control).
  • Performed digests on 2x each of R0010 and E0241. We lost one of our E0241 samples by accident, so we threw out an R0010 sample to balance.
  • Added Calf Intestinal Phosphatase (CIP) to R0010 samples to prevent self-ligation of the R0010 vector.
  • Performed gel electrophoresis on R0010 and E0241 samples.
    • Our e-gel was not entirely successful.

HH-JL biobrick-tutorial egel.jpg

Must be more careful next time.

Notes on using the nanodrop

  • Nanodrop measures concentration of DNA in small samples (1 µL). It is apparently not very accurate.
  • Clean nanodrop thoroughly with kimwipes and ethanol, before and after each use
  • On desktop, "ND-1000"->"Nucleic Acid"
  • Before each set of samples:
    • Calibrate nanodrop with drop of distilled water
    • Calibrate nanodrop with drop of background (solute), e.g. distilled water or elution buffer
  • Add sample to nanodrop, enter name of sample, "Measure"
    • Note: mix sample before placing on nanodrop