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01.02.13: LA medium does not solidify before it is heated once.

01.02.13: If cap is screwed tightly on, liquid in container may "boil over" when container is opened after autoclaving.

01.02.13: Time for 500 mL LA medium in 1000 mL Schott bottle to cool from ~55 C to a temperature that is not painfull, when the wrist is touched to the bottle (temp when it's OK to add antibiotic): ~40 min

01.02.13: Time for LA plates to solidify: < 20 min

01.02.13: Time for agarose gel to solidify: ?

01.02.13: Commonly used Kan concentration on LA plates: 25-50 ug/mL

02.02:13: If toothpicks are used for inoculation instead of an inoculating needle, there's no danger of inoculating the same sample twice by mistake.

03.02.13: Don't tighten the centrifuge rotor cover too tightly. If it's hard to hopen, a forceps can be used to gain leverage.

03.02.13: BSA does not affect the activity of enzymes which don't need it for stabilization (

03.02.13: PciI and AgeI are not Dam sensitive.

03.02.13: Recommended restriction digest incubation time may vary from 1 (diagnostic digest) to 4+ (cloning, >1 ug DNA) h. (