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The procedure will be followed according to the [http://www-hep.phys.unm.edu/~gold/phys307L/manual.pdf lab manual]
==Raw Data==
==Raw Data==
==Data Analysis==
==Data Analysis==

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e/m Ratio


  1. To measure the ratio of the charge versus mass on an electron.



Personal Safety: In this lab we will be dealing with high voltage currents as well as currents of up to 2 amperes. Currents as low as 100 mA can be lethal (Wikipedia) so proper caution is essential.

Equipment Safety: The power supply for the heating element should not exceed 6.3V. Ensure all equipment is undamaged and hooked up properly before applying any currents. A not pasted to the top of one of the digital multimeters indicates it is possibly broken, signed Steve Koch and dated January, 2009.


The procedure will be followed according to the lab manual

Raw Data

Data Analysis

Error Analysis