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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Jamin Koo (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Swartz Group at Stanford University. I learned about OpenWetWare from From the group website, and I've joined because I would like to share protocols..


  • Present, PhD, Stanford University
  • 2010, MS, Seoul National University
  • 2008, BS, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Research interests

  1. Interest 1
  2. Interest 2
  3. Interest 3


  1. J Koo, K Park, D Shin, ES Yoon. Economic evaluation of renewable energy systems under varying scenarios and its implications to Korea’s renewable energy plan. Appl Energy, 88 (2011), pp. 2254–2260.
  2. J Koo, K Han, ES Yoon. Integration of CCS, emissions trading and volatilities of fuel prices into sustainable energy planning, and its robust optimization. Renew Sustain Energy Rev, 15 (2011), pp. 665–672.
  3. S Kim, J Koo, CJ Lee, ES Yoon. Optimization of Korean energy planning for sustainability considering uncertainties in learning rates and external factors. Energy, 2012.
  4. K Park, J Koo, D Shin, CJ Lee, ES Yoon. Optimal multi-floor plant layout with consideration of safety distance based on mathematical programming and modified consequence analysis. Korean J Chem Eng, 28 (2011), pp. 1009-1018.
  5. S Won, J Koo, D Shin, ES Yoon. The Estimation of Hazardous Gas Release Rate Using Optical Sensor and Neural Network. Comput Chem Eng, 28 (2010), 199-204.

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