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About Me

James P. McDonald (an artistic interpretation)


  • Loyola Marymount University
    • Major: Biology
    • Graduation: Spring 2013
    • Upper Division Classes:
      • General Physiology and Lab
      • Biochemistry
      • General Physics I & II
      • Embryology & Development
      • General Microbiology
      • Plant Interactions
      • Principles of Ecology
      • Genetics Lab
      • Urban Ecology
      • Biomathematical Modeling

Career Interests

  • I hope to attend medical school next year. I want to become a physician but at I am unsure in what specialty, at this point.


  • My favorite aspect of biology is the infinite amount of knowledge out there and the constant advances that are taking place. I also specifically enjoy genetics. I like to know why we are the way we are and how we get that way.
  • My favorite aspect of math is that you can almost always come up with a definite answer. This makes math something that is often straightforward and universal.


I have been doing plant research with Dr. Drennan for the past two years. I have been testing the thermal tolerance of two succulent plants: Dudleya and Sedum. I have been comparing the plants' usefulness in green roofs.


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