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Contact Info

J. Steen Hoyer (an artistic interpretation)

I previously worked in the Kaplinsky lab at Swarthmore College and the Meyers lab at the University of Delaware. I was in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program at Oregon State University prior to transferring to WUSTL.

Links and notes


S. cerevisiae

Clontech Yeast Protocols Handbook PDF, Matchmaker Handbook PDF

Fred Sherman: Intro, how-to-start

Different names for dropout media

  • SC = synthetic complete.
  • SD = synthetic dropout/dextrose

Some people (e.g. Sherman) reserve the term 'SD' for minimal media without amino acids, and refer to the corresponding media with amino acids as 'SC'. Others (e.g. Clontech) refer to both as 'SD'. Still others refer to these (I think) as 'CSM' or 'CM'.

Abbreviation 1 for Yeast Extract/Peptone/Dextrose (YEPD) is easy to confuse with YEP media, and the abbreviation 2 (YPDA [with Adenine]) is easy to confuse with Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) media!

Some people use 'YCM', which seems to just be YPD with 1% peptone instead of 2% peptone. Why?

Doubling times in YPD typically about 90 minutes, reaching stationary phase at around 16-18 hours. Doubling times in synthetic media typically about 140 minutes, reaching stationary phase at around 32-36 hours.