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Quick blurb about me (more later): In 1986 when the first court battles began the fight to include DNA as admissible, I knew I wanted to work with DNA someday. I took the long path to get there. I was an IT Manager for 10 years, specializing in microsoft OS, and now I have purposely switched to Mac and don't know how to do anything! Four years ago I went back to school at UCSC to get a degree in Biology (emphasis on genetics, they don't have a genetic prog). I graduate June 15 2007. My dream is to go on to do genetic engineering and/or synthetic biology. There are many amazing things I would like to do with it.... work on vaccines for major diseases, cure for cancer, and animal work to help limit the damage we have caused by inbreeding to create here because I want to learn everything I can along the way. This is a great place to get involved with the community, and to help out. -isabelle

"Anyone who says 'it can't be done' should stop interrupting the person doing it." -me