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Graduate student in [http://www.bioinformatics.northeastern.edu/ Bioinformatics] at [http://www.northeastern.edu/ Northeastern University] working in [[Endy|Endy Lab]] at [http://mit.edu/ MIT].
Ilya Sytchev (Илья Сычёв) is a graduate student in [http://www.bioinformatics.northeastern.edu/ Bioinformatics] at [http://www.northeastern.edu/ Northeastern University] working in [[Endy|Endy Lab]] at [http://mit.edu/ MIT].
Contact: <math>\mbox{ilyas}</math>@<math>\mbox{mit.edu}</math>
Contact: <math>\mbox{ilyas}</math>@<math>\mbox{mit.edu}</math>

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Ilya Sytchev (Илья Сычёв) is a graduate student in Bioinformatics at Northeastern University working in Endy Lab at MIT.

Contact: [math]\mbox{ilyas}[/math]@[math]\mbox{mit.edu}[/math]




Mating pheromone response pathway analysis across yeast and related species




Software development

BioBricks aligner - aligns sequence reads (fragments) to Biobrick sequence

Lab computing


Synthetic Biology


  • Biotool2Web: Creating Simple Web Interfaces for Bioinformatics Applications
  • Sedna is an open source XML-native database management system developed from scratch in C/C++ and Scheme
  • Aggregate Data utilizes AJAX-based "sliders" so survey takers can choose anywhere along a spectrum of opinion
  • CHM file viewers for non-Windows platforms
  • Tor: an anonymous Internet communication system
  • Wireshark: network protocol analyzer (successor to Ethereal)
  • Swivel: YouTube for data - visualize and share your data with others
  • Many Eyes - a site for sharing and commenting on visualizations by IBM
  • Babel - convert between various formats (Excel, JSON, N3, RDF/XML, etc)
  • Web 2.0-style buttons

Application servers

  • Whitebeam - open source; applications are written as a set of XML pages that contain embedded JavaScript


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