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* Lilah Rahn-Lee, '''Merrikh H''', Grossman AD, Losick R. The Sporulation Protein SirA Inhibits the Binding of DnaA to the Origin of
Replication by Contacting a Patch of Clustered Amino Acids. ''Journal of Bacteriology''. in press.
* '''Merrikh H*''', Machon C*, Grainger W, Grossman AD, Soultanas P. Replication-transcription conflicts at rRNA genes
lead to replication restart in vivo. ''Nature''. in press. *Equal contribution.
* Smits WK*, '''Merrikh H*''', Bonilla CY, Grossman AD . Association of the helicase loader proteins DnaB and DnaD with
targets of the initiator protein DnaA in ''Bacillus subtilis''. ''Journal of Bacteriology''. in press. *Equal contribution.
* '''Merrikh H''', Ferrazzoli AE, Lovett ST. Growth phase and ppGpp control of IraD, a regulator
of RpoS stability, in ''Escherichia coli''. ''Journal of Bacteriology''. Dec;191(24):7436-46. 2009.
* Goranov AI, Breier AM, '''Merrikh H''', and Grossman AD. YabA of ''Bacillus subtilis'' controls DnaA-mediated replication
initiation  but not the transcriptional response to replication stress. ''Mol Micro''. Oct;74(2):454-66. 2009.
* '''Merrikh H''', Ferrazzoli AE, Bougdour A, Olivier-Mason A, Lovett ST. A DNA damage response in ''Escherichia coli'' involving
the alternative sigma factor, RpoS. ''Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A'' Jan 13;106(2):611-6. 2009.
''Highlighted in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 16, 106 (January 2009) under research highlights.''
* Celenza JL, Quiel JA, Smolen GA, '''Merrikh H''', Silvestro AR, Normanly J, Bender J. The Arabidopsis ATR1 Myb
transcription factor controls indolic glucosinolate homeostasis. ''Plant Physiology''. Jan;137(1):253-62. 2005.
* Dower K, Kupperwasser N, '''Merrikh H''', Rosbash M. A synthetic A tail rescues yeast nuclear accumulation of a
ribozyme-terminated transcript.''RNA''. Dec;10(12):1888-99.
* Miinea C, Kuruvilla R, '''Merrikh H''', Eichberg J. Altered arachidonic acid biosynthesis and antioxidant protection
mechanisms in Schwann cells grown in elevated glucose. ''Journal of Neurochemistry'' Jun;81(6):1253-62. 2002.

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