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(Journal Assignment)
(Journal Assignment)
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==Journal Assignment==
==Journal Assignment==
[[Helena Olivieri Week 1]]
[[Helena Olivieri Week 1|Week 1 Journal]]
[[Helena Olivieri Week 2]]
[[Helena Olivieri Week 2|Week 2 Journal]]
<!-- This section will be updated each week. -->
<!-- This section will be updated each week. -->

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Contact Info

Helena M. Olivieri (an artistic interpretation)


Further Information

  • Courses Taken:
  1. Principles of Ecology
  2. Physiology
  3. Microbiology
  • Career interests: Medicine with an emphasis on Bio-ethics
  • Favorite aspect of Biology and Math: I enjoy the sciences because there seems to be an infinite amount of knowledge one can learn about their surroundings
  • Research interest: Microbiology, specifically bacteria resistance and bacteriophage
  • Research Presentation

Journal Assignment

Week 1 Journal Week 2 Journal

Helena Olivieri Journal Assignment

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