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Contact Info

Harald Hentschke (an artistic interpretation)

Harald Hentschke
Section of Experimental Anaesthesiology
Department of Anaesthesiology, University Hospital of Tuebingen
Schaffhausenstr. 113
72072 Tübingen
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Research interests

My principal research interest lies in the modulation of cortical and hippocampal networks by classical neuromodulators (acetylcholine) and substances interfering with GABAergic inhibition. Current projects are

  • Cholinergic modulation of GABAergic inhibition in neocortex
  • Enhancing spillover of GABA to peri- und extrasynaptic GABA(A) receptors – a possible route to anesthesia?

A methodological focus is the development of software tools (mostly written in Matlab) for data analysis and experimental control in the neurosciences. The aim is to produce customized and efficient/automated tools. Projects past and present include

  • 'Measures of effect size toolbox' (with Maik Stüttgen, University of Bochum), available at the Matlab Central File Exchange and SourceForge
  • time- and frequency domain analysis of multielectrode field potential recordings
  • graphical user interface programs for event detection (e.g. spikes, postsynaptic currents) and IPSC fitting
  • event-triggered stimulation/feedback control of behavioral setup for awake behaving rodents


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