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Gevorg Grigoryan

Graduate student in the Keating lab since the summer of 2003. I am involved in several projects in the lab dealing with theoretical and computational aspects of protein design and protein interaction prediction. I received a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and one in Computer Science from University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2002.


PRL paper accepted

CE fig1.jpg

In collaboration with the Ceder Lab in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, we have recently submitted a paper to Physics Review Letters (Fei Zhou, Gevorg Grigoryan, Amy Keating, Gerbrand Ceder, Dane Morgan, "Coarse graining protein energetics with cluster expansion"). It got accepted with some very positive reviews. Here are some excerpts:

  • "This submitted paper is very original and could lead to important developments."
  • "In other words, the authors might consider a somewhat "dumbed down" version of their paper (sorry!), and use it as a sort of introduction to a longer paper where mathematical developments are given in detail. In that way, readers in both disciplines may well look forward with great anticipation to the full treatment (to appear in PRB, say)... In summary, the authors' is an extremely interesting approach, perhaps the most wildly interdisciplinary that I have seen. It amply merits publication in PRL, but in my opinion requires reworking so that non-specialists (of both communities!) may appreciate the novelty and power of the proposed method."
  • "Given the enormous interest in protein design and protein folding at the present time, the article is likely to find wide interest amongst the readership of the journal."

We are extremely happy that the paper got in with such great reviews. I shall post a PDF once it is published.