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Felix Moser

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2nd year Graduate Student, UCSF-UCB Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering, in the Voigt Group !

Grew up in Germany and Wichita Falls, TX.

BA Cornell University 2007 in Biology and Chemistry, with concentration in Biochemistry (go figure).

Former Endy Lab Tech.

My epernicus profile.


Endy Lab

Refactoring M13

Inverter standard

Advising the 2008 MIT iGEM team

Work for Francois St. Pierre: 1) Recombineering of phage lambda for Aam19 amber mutations, fluorescent reporters of infection; 2) Building fluorescent reporter constructs for N, Q, and CII activities in phage lambda.

Work for Barry Canton: 1) Quantitative analysis of orthogonal vs WT rRNA abundances by quantitative northern blotting; 2) Construction of toxic gene expression systems as a demo for VM utility.


Felix Moser, Irwin D, Chen S, Wilson DB. 2008. "Regulation and characterization of Thermobifida fusca carbohydrate-binding module proteins E7 and E8." Biotechnology and bioengineering. Aug 15;100(6):1066-77

Yang Y, Zhang S, Howe K, Wilson DB, Felix Moser, Irwin D, Thannhauser TW. 2007. "A comparison of nLC-ESI-MS/MS and nLC-MALDI-MS/MS for GeLC-based protein identification and iTRAQ-based shotgun quantitative proteomics." Journal of biomolecular techniques Sep;18(4):226-37.


c: 607-280-4753