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Today's objective is to prepare our sample for FTIR spectroscopy (Fournier Transform Infra Red). This technique will allow us to study covalent bonds that can have formed/disappeared during our previous experiments. So, we are going to prepare our 70 ratio and 166 ratio solutions for further FTIR measurements. On the same time, we're going to synthesize Gold NPs (70 and 166 ratio) again. These samples will be then used next week (for control, or dye experiment).


  • FTIR preparation:
  1. 1ml of each sample:
    1. 70 ration + dye
    2. 166 ratio + dye
    3. BSA/HCl + dye
  2. Put it into a dryer; the evaporation process is left overnight.
  • Gold NPs synthesis: prepared a 70 and 166 ratio solutions.