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[[Image:OWWEmblem.png|thumb|right|Fernando (an artistic interpretation)]]
[[Image:OWWEmblem.png|thumb|right|Fernando (an artistic interpretation)]]
*Interenomics Group - Fernando de la Cruz Laboratory
*Universidad de cantabria
*Departamento de Biología Molecular. Facultad de Medicina. Universidad de Cantabria
*Av,Cardenal Herrera Oria S/N
*Instituto de Biomedicina y Biotecnología de Cantabria (IBBTEC) http://www.unican.es/ibbtec
*delacruz@unican.es  Tel.: 942 201942  
*Av. Cardenal Herrera Oria s/nSantander, Cantabria, España.
*Santander, Cantabria, España.  
*Tel.: 942 201942  
*[[Special:Emailuser/Fernando|Email me through OpenWetWare]]
I work in the Genetic Lab at University of Cantabria. I learned about [[OpenWetWare]] from Biología, biomedicina, genética, and I've joined because Biología, biomedicina, genética.
==Research interests==
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# Interest 3
==Useful links==
*[[OpenWetWare:Welcome|Introductory tutorial]]
*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]

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Contact Info

Fernando (an artistic interpretation)