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'''Welcome to the MIT team Wiki for iGEM 2008'''
*'''iGEM''' is the international genetically engineered machines competition.
*The objective of the competition is to design and build an engineered biological system using [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA DNA].
*To see examples of the '''amazing possibilities''' of iGEM, check out last years [http://parts.mit.edu/igem07/index.php/Main_Page iGEM page]
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Interested in learning more about iGEM 2008?  Explore below for an example of what's possible.
For more info on this year's iGEM please see [http://2008.igem.org 2008.igem.org].
Many more valuable links and helpful tidbits are available at the [http://parts.mit.edu/wiki/index.php/Resources iGEM Resources page]
===External links===
*[[iGEM|iGEM on OpenWetWare]]
*[http://parts.mit.edu/registry BioBricks Parts registry]
*[http://parts.mit.edu/igem07/index.php/Main_Page Official iGEM 2007 wiki]
*[http://parts.mit.edu/igem Official iGEM 2006 wiki]
*[http://openwetware.org/wiki/IGEM:MIT/2007 MIT 2007 Wiki]
*[http://parts.mit.edu/wiki/index.php/MIT_2006 MIT 2006 Wiki]
**[http://parts.mit.edu/registry/index.php/Part:BBa_I728005 OmpC Surface Display]
**[http://parts.mit.edu/registry/index.php/Part:BBa_I728004 CPX Surface Display]
===For visitors===
*Read more about [[Synthetic Biology|engineering biology]].
*[http://stellar.mit.edu/S/course/20/sp08/20.020/ 20.020: MIT's introduction to bioengineering design]
===Internal links===
*'''[[../2008/Notebook|Team Notebook]]'''
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*April 18 - iGEM registration opens
*May 3 - Teachers Workshop, MIT, USA
*May 9 - Registration closes
*June 9 - Summer term, lab work begins
*June 15 - Team rosters due
*July 1 - Registration fee due
*August 1 - Team project descriptions due
*August 19 - Summer term ends
*September 1 - Final team roster due
*October 1 - Jamboree attendance fees due
*October 15 - Project Summary form due
*October 29 - Project and part documentation due
*October 29 - BioBrick Part DNA received by the Registry
*November 8-9 - iGEM competition Jamboree, MIT, USA
=== Want to join the iGEM team? ===
*'''Undergraduate and graduate''' willing to work are welcome to join us.
<script language="JAVASCRIPT"><!-- update your browser, silly-->
Today = new Date();
Jamboree = new Date("November 8, 2008");
msInADay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;
display = Math.floor((Jamboree.getTime() - Today.getTime())/msInADay);
document.write("There are " + display +" days left until the Jamboree!");
// </script>
===Meeting Logistics===
*'''[[/Room Reservations|Room Reservations]]'''
*'''[[/Onduty|Gradvisor "On Duty" Shifts]]'''
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The UNAM iGEM team consists of few undergraduate students working full-time until iGEM 2008 on engineering a biological system. 
'''[[Media:UNAM.jpg|Picture of UNAM iGEM 2008 (coming soon!)]]'''
*[[User:Federico_Castro_M|Federico Castro]]
*[[User:Luis_De_Jesus_Martinez|Luis de Jesus Martinez]]
*[[User:Juan_Arias_Martinez|Juan Arias Martinez]]
===Grad Advisors===
==Faculty Advisors==

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