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Vita brevis, ars longa, occasio praeceps

Federico Castro Monzón

  • Biology Student at the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México)
  • Member of the UNAM-IPN iGEM team
  • Member of the Biobrick Fundation, participating as a volunteer.
  • Contact me at
  • My msn is

My Interests

I'm interested in designing and constructing basic modules for life. To implement functions of higher organisms in bacteria such as multicellularity, fast and complex communication or a complex system of membranes and ultimately to implement modules of life in free cell systems endowing the vesicles with, for example, the capability to produce ribosomes, divide, replicate it’s DNA or even to add entire metabolic pathways to synthesize basic molecules.

It's a very ambitious goal (especially for an undergraduate student) but I face it in small stages and as my grand father used to say "Despacio que voy deprisa".

Stuff I'm doing right now (March 5)

  • Checking the work the Prakash group did during the IAP 2003

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