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! <font color="green">Speaker</font color>
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! <font color="green">Title</font color>
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! <font color="green">Location & Time</font color>

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  • Meeting series to promote and provide cross-talk between scientists of Georgia Tech who are interested in Evolutionary Biology.
  • Subscribe to the Evo@Tech mailing list here.
  • Interested in presenting your work? Contact Betül <betul@gatech.edu> or Soojin <soojinyi@gatech.edu>.
Evo Tech (an artistic interpretation)


Date Speaker Title Location & Time
05/23/2013 Todd Streelman Developmental constraints on genome evolution in adaptive radiation IBB Suddath Room 3-4pm
Soojin Yi Epigenomic evolution of human brains and the origins of neuropsychiatric diseases IBB Suddath Room 4-5pm
04/23/2013 Lavanya Rishishwar Ancestry, admixture & selection in an Afro-Colombian genome IBB Suddath Room 3-5pm

 No seminars during June and July. We will resume back in August.
 Special thanks goes to Marc Pline for helping with the room arrangements! 

Current members

  1. Gaucher Group
  2. Gibson Lab
  3. Goodisman Lab
  4. Hammer Lab
  5. Jordan Lab
  6. Kostka Lab
  7. McGrath Lab
  8. Streelman Lab
  9. Yi Lab
  10. Weitz Lab


coming soon

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