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Contact Info

Eva Klinman's puppy


  • 2006, Winston Churchill High School
  • 2010, MIT: Biological Engineering, focus in Neuroscience

Research interests

  1. Neurons
  2. Alzheimer's disease
  3. microRNA

Classes and Research


Minor: course 9, Neuroscience

Year of Graduation



eklinman AT mit DOT edu

Related Classes


  • 7.03
  • 5.07
  • 20.110
  • 5.12


  • 20.109
  • 6.00
  • 20.310

Lab Work

For three years, I worked at NIH, in the NICHD. I took part in the research being conducted in the lab of Dr. Brant Weinstein, working with vascular morphogenesis in embryonic zebrafish.

Currently, I work with Dr. Andreas Herrlich in the Lodish lab at the Whitehead. We are performing a large-scale high-throughput screen to test the effects a set of shRNAs designed to knock-down most human kinases and phophatases has on ectodomain cleavage. Specifically, we use osmotic stress as a cleavage stimulus to the EGF ligand TGF-alpha. We work in human Jurkat cells, and mouse Baf3 cell lines.

Current 20.109 labwork [1]

Personal Info

Meet: Me

I am familiar with lab environments and tissue culture set-up and usage.

I am a very active person, and tend to dance often, and sing or hum without realizing it. If it causes others around me to get annoyed, please make me aware of what I'm doing and ask me to stop!

Outside Activities

  • Dance Troupe
  • Next Act
  • UROP

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