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==Part 3: The Mouse Trap Is Bigger Than You Think (Armageddon)==
* Chuck: Are you kidding?
* Oracle: Give them your best shot, kid. Torture of civilians with lethal drugs has no place in a free society.
* Chuck: Yes, +1 for me :)
* Oracle: Do you love love, Chuck ?
* Chuck: Loving it. Especially the perturbating type...
* Oracle: Sounds delicious.
* Chuck: Barely eatable without sincerity.
* Oracle: Unbelievable but true.
* Chuck: Reality is sadder than you think. :(
===Notes to self===
* Chuck: YAY judgment day!
===The promotion (Ecce Homo)===
* Oracle: We lost. (again). :(
* Chuck: Gotta be "forced" (court order) to take [[User:Etienne_Robillard/Notebook/Paliperidone|compounds]] i have very little knowledge of (read: monoamine antagonist)
* Oracle: Remember that they hate us because we're physiologically superior to them, not the opposite. :)
* Chuck: Congratulation for this promotion, my dear Oracle :)

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