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  • Heterocyclic compound implicated in organic synthesis of unnatural amino acids, and most importantly as a miscible (anhydrous) reagent to synthetize N-substituted phenoxyalkylamines (ligands) using orthogonal (multi-step) catalysis of dicarboxilic protected C=N ions (imine) in nucleophilic carbonyl addition reactions.
  • In biochemical warfare: See also Schiff base for an explanation to rationalize the evidences of THF/imide functions in hydrazide based chemical spraying. Most certainly a human life degrading psychochemical agent composed of a N-substituted heterocyclic carbanion with an aryl(alkyl) group/bond in the 2nd primary position of the hydroxyl (NH2!) "syn" optical isomer . Thus, THF/imide based NHC may be reasonable compounds to administrate atypical psychotic drugs to poorly informed and knowledgeable population on the false assumptions of saving humanity from self-destruction. -ER, February 27 2013
  • Keywords: hydrazide, THF, Schiff base, 2-phenyl-N-methyl-amine, PD, PVOH, PVA

N-substituted (cis/trans) phenoxyalkylation using Michael reaction of complex amino acids

  • For details on 2-phenethylamine based DNA protection group, look here.
  • a "alkane isomerisation" type of organic catalysis 1
    • Etienne Robillard 10:35, 15 January 2013 (EST) Can aromatic nucleophilic substitution of a disubstituted phenoxyalkylamine produce para/ortho opioid ligand (L-dopamine for example) ? In this case, verify if the N heterocycle ring is acting as the nucleophile (R) reagent in presence of an aldehyde...
      • Etienne Robillard 10:35, 15 January 2013 (EST) See also "Michael reaction" for a proper explanation.. :)
  • isopropanol can donate proton -- an aldehyde like solvent?
    • Etienne Robillard 10:35, 15 January 2013 (EST) Can THF donate stuff with nucleophilic rings? ie cyclohexanoyl
  • alkane isomerisation = organic synthesis: L-dopamine, cyclohexylamine, etc..
  • Ethics of producing novel opioid receptor agonist compounds for human-specific psychotropic experiments?
    • Etienne Robillard 10:35, 15 January 2013 (EST) Heck, is there a possibility theses novel psychotropic compounds be used by terrorist groups to terrorize unwary citizens with psychological warfare using unconventional (synthetic) "devices" ?

related psychochemicals


1. Kim J., Recent Advances in Asymmetric Phase-Transfer-Catalysis, 2011 p. [1-25]

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